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Visual Merchandise Service

We are providing the very best service to arrange your store to the fullest. Our past clients told us that by increasing their store looks visually could drive more revenue of their brands.

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Napocut Eid Window Display
Gandaria City, Jakarta
BXC 2, South Tangerang
Opening Store & Visual Merchandise Simplyveewee
BSD City

Let Us Know Your Store Plan

By discussing your store plan to us we can give you a wider look on how we initiate every special setup based on our past experience
What is visual merchandise service?
Visual merchandise is a service to optimize the looks of your store visually by arranging elements of your store, color matching the elements, setup store flow and else. We combine visual & psychological factor to create aesthetic feels. The main focus of this service is to give a comfortable in store experience for your customers and could increase brand positioning for your brand and also increase store revenue in the long run.
From when did Lemonade start providing this service?
We have started to help stores with visual merchandise since 2013. We have handled several satisfied clients by visually optimizing their store looks. We are commited to give our best service to our clients store so their customers can get a wonderful & comfortable in store experience. If you need our service do not hesitate to contact us.
What other service do you provide besides visual merchandising?
Besides visual merchandising we also provide other service such as event organizer, wedding organizer, wedding decoration, event decoration, party planner, hampers and many more. Our professional team are eager to help your business thrive by providing our best service in this field.
Whatsapp : 0882-9565-5231
Email : the.lemonade.projects@gmail.com
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