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Organizing events is one of our specialty. We put maximized effort when organizing an event so the output can be well expected.
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JMTM 34th Anniversary
Dufan Ancol, Jakarta
Yuliantie & Hideo Birthday Party
The Forest, Jakarta
Erha Ultimate Event
Habitate, Jakarta
Putri & Syawqi Wedding
Mercure Hotel BSD City

Let Us Know Your Event Plan

By discussing your event plan to us we can give you a wider look on how we initiate every special events based on our past experience
What does an event organizer do?
An event organizer work on every aspect in an event. We start by collecting the data of the event such as the event purpose, security, audience, rundown, venue from the client, then we start coordinating every aspects from the big one to the tiny one. We always gave concern to every details of the event. When the event started we make sure that everything is going well until the end. And afterwards we evaluate the last events with our client. Of course client satisfaction is our priority.
What event does Lemonade can work on?
We can help you to organize events such as birthday party, talkshow, baby shower, wedding party, dinner party, townhall meeting and many other events. Just let us know what kind of events you are working on right now and we might discuss our availabilty to help you on your project.
How commited are Lemonade in delivering the service?
If we have decided to take part on your project we will put our maximum effort to the project so we can deliver an outstanding output to the event. We also take a look of every details on the project so not even a tiny minor thing could screw up the event.
How to work with Lemonade?
To work with us you just need to inform us about your project by whatsapp, we will discuss it internally and then get back to you with the result. Or if you already have a concept for your event and needs to be detailed we are open to discuss. If the concept and items have been approved then we will make a quotation. If the quotation has been approved a minimum of 50% down payment is needed to start the work and 50% after the job is done. Quite simple right.
Whatsapp : 0882-9565-5231
Email : the.lemonade.projects@gmail.com
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