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Lemonade provides stage decoration services for various events. We understand how to decorate the stage well according to the theme and the event. A good decoration will give the event a more lively and meaningful atmosphere, both for the organizers and the guests.
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JMTM 34th Anniversary
Dufan Ancol, Jakarta
Yuliantie & Hideo Birthday Party
The Forest, Jakarta
Erha Ultimate Event
Habitate, Jakarta
Putri & Syawqi Wedding
Mercure Hotel BSD City

Let Us Know Your Event Plan

By discussing your event plan to us we can give you a wider look on how we initiate every special events based on our past experience
What Type Of Stage Decoration Does Lemonade Work on?
There are some elements that we have prepared to produce a beautiful stage decoration. The first thing we are concerned with is the theme. We will ask customers about the theme. This theme will be an important guide in choosing decorative elements as well as determining the right color. Then, we will adjust the decoration to the size of the curves and the available space.

We will use some high-quality materials such as satin fabrics with pastel colors, fresh flowers, and special properties to give an exclusive appearance. Choosing elements such as fresh flowers will be a long discussion with customers, as we want to provide decorations on demand. If this is an event for the kids, of course decorations like balloons and beautiful tapes would be nice. If this is a formal event, maybe lighting will be our main focus. Anyway, we will be showcasing unforgettable designs.
Is Lemonade a reputable company?
With experience since 2013, we are a company you don't have to doubt. We have good credibility, even we have been entrusted by some big companies to host their events. The reputation we have built is the result of our quality. We nurture customer confidence well by providing memorable service with stunning decorations.

As a company that has plunged into the field of decoration for years, we understand that each event has its uniqueness and vision. To meet the needs of these customers, we always strive to work together well. Communication has become an important part of the process of ordering our services so that the decoration that you want can be realized.

Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has made us the top choice for many clients. We look forward to continuing to expand our service range and establish good cooperation with clients to make every event an unforgettable moment.
Does Lemonade welcome last-minute decorating requests?
Yes, we do welcome last-minute decorating requests. In this case, we need a mature preparation. Even if you order our service at the last-minute, we can still provide you with the best service with quality preparation. We are accustomed to pressing service orders, both for formal and private events. This also applies to you who want to book stage decoration at last-minute from us, we are committed to providing optimal service.

We know how to adjust the theme to the required decoration equipment, including determining what important elements need to be prepared immediately. We are also going to do a quick survey to the stage location to be able to make a mature decoration planning.

We wil work on the stage decoration as soon as everything is ready. We alaways involve our client in the decorating process to make sure the result will meet the expectation. You can watch the whole process in person or just count on us and relax!
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