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Ramadan Decoration

Ramadhan is the perfect time to host an event. It is a normal thing to do that people love welcoming each other. It also applies to the company or organization. If you are looking for a service that can help you create a memorable event, Lemonade is the best one.

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MSD Merck Iftar
Wisma BNI 46, Jakarta

Let Us Know Your Decoration Plan

By discussing your decor plan to us we can give you a wider look on how we initiate every special decoration based on our past experience
How Does Lemonade Light Up The Ramadhan Decoration?
Lemonade values transparent communication to help us understand our clients. Our principles are bringing the traditional elements of Ramadan with some touches of modernity while trying to maintain spirituality.

We try to consider the cultural sensitivity which is important in honoring the tradition. The decoration we are bringing will always relate to the Islamic vibe such as the use of lanterns, crescent moons, calligraphy, and others in a respectful way.

Our clients often compliment us with the elegant designs we bring to the table. Besides, our design is always versatile and you can turn it into a modern look or traditional one. We also pay attention to details as well as let the clients personalize the decoration.
Does Lemonade Accept Last-minute Orders?
We understand that sometimes there are things that cause a plan to be changed in the last minute. This is the reason we always welcome our clients who make last-minute orders. While we always recommend you to book the service in advanced, we also understand that you might need a decoration service with short notice.

If you are forced to make a last-minute decoration, please never hesitate to contact us. Our team will help you sort out the problems and help you fix the issue quickly. We have handled such kind of orders for years so we understand how hard the challenge is. However, please note that the last-minute order also needs a preparation to make sure the availability of your personalized tools for decoration are available.

We encourage you to contact our customer service to discuss the specifics about the decoration you need. We will be happy to assist you. Our goal is to make a beautiful and stress-free decoration and event plan.
In Which Cities Lemonade Services Are Available?
Currently, the cities we cover include Jakarta, Bogor, Demak, Tangerang and Bekasi. We focus on this area at the moment because this area is the busiest city. We hope to expand our services to other cities in the future.

Wether you are planning to have a Ramadan gathering, wedding party, corporate event, or other special celebration, our team will be happy to help you. From the busy streets of Jakarta to the cold city of Bogor, we are here to elevate your event in many ways.
How Does Lemonade Demonstrate Its Commitment To Handle Decorating Service?
Our way of handling the orders is very simple. We begin with a personalized consultation to understand the vision, preferences, and requirements of the clients. We also try to pay attention to details as well as prioritize high-quality materials to enhance the decoration look. We also put punctuality at our top priority while keeping our service adaptable and flexible based on the clients' requests.
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