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Decoration is an essential element in every event. Therefore, ensure you choose event decoration services wisely and selectively. Lemonade is reliable since it has years of experience. You can entrust the decoration of all your events to Lemonade because our team will do it professionally. We provide decorations for birthdays, graduations, engagements, weddings, and other events.
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JMTM 34th Anniversary
Dufan Ancol, Jakarta
Yuliantie & Hideo Birthday Party
The Forest, Jakarta
Erha Ultimate Event
Habitate, Jakarta
Putri & Syawqi Wedding
Mercure Hotel BSD City

Let Us Know Your Event Plan

By discussing your event plan to us we can give you a wider look on how we initiate every special events based on our past experience
What type of event decoration does Lemonade offer?
We offer a variety of beautiful decorations to provide a memorable experience to all customers. To liven up the decorations, we will use additional props such as LED lights, balloons, flowers, dolls, photo booths and various other important props. The reason is that we understand that each of these properties plays an important role in the enjoyment of the event.

A manifestation of our commitment to provide customer satisfaction is to provide consultations on theme selection, theme settings, color settings, and other detailed information. The goal is to deliver decorations that accurately match customer requests. We really appreciate every customer's suggestions and input so we can provide appropriate decorations for special events. We provide classic and modern themes that you can customize to suit your event needs..
What services does Lemonade offer?
We provide a wide range of services such as wedding decoration services, proposals, engagement, graduation, marriage academy, aqiqah, anniversary, birthday, stage, Christmas, Ramadan, sangjit, bachelor's degree, valentine, imlek, Arabian night, booth, easter, and many more. Besides providing decoration services, we also provide event organizers, party planners, hampers, as well as visual merchandise services.

We will endeavour to provide the best decoration and service to our customers. We know that every event requires a different and unique decoration. That's why we keep innovating in finding new and effective designs. We try to implement versatile and timeless designs.

We are open to various designs requested by customers since we understand that every customer needs newness. Furthermore, we can also collaborate on our design concepts with customers to produce a jaw-dropping display. Although we have provided some design ideas, consumers can still choose the concept according to their wishes.
How is Lemonade's commitment in delivering the service?
When it comes to commitment, we are a trusted company. For information, our company has been established since 2013, which has proven our credibility as one of the most trusted companies. Our commitment to providing this service is to meet the needs and expectations of our customers with all our hearts.

We are committed to delivering outstanding results in every project we work on, from conceptual planning, the determination of the atmosphere of the event, to the final implementation. We put quality at the forefront of creating room designs that match the vision of our customers.

We know that customers will be comfortable with friendly and fast service, so we also implement it at all times. It is the essence of our seriousness to our customers, that our company will always provide the most accurate service. You can contact us via email or WhatsApp for further consultation. Our team is ready to serve orders even at the last minute. To seamless the decoration process, you only need to pay 50% down payment.
Whatsapp : 0882-9565-5231
Email : the.lemonade.projects@gmail.com
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