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Birthday Party Decoration

We are a professional decorating company with years of experience in handling various decorations such as birthdays/anniversaries, events, wedding parties, engagements, and many more. We make sure to use high-quality materials from flowers, balloons, styrofoam, and other supplies to turn your parties to be the most unforgettable ones.

Our Decoration Portfolio

Denny Prijanto 50th Birthday Party
Wabi Sabi Kuningan, Jakarta
Yuliantie & Hideo Birthday Party
The Forest, Jakarta
Rasheeda 1st Birthday Party
Amy & Cake Bintaro, South Tangerang
Ariana 7th Birthday Party
Bhuumi Playscape Pacific Place, Jakarta

Let Us Know Your Decoration Plan

By discussing your decor plan to us we can give you a wider look on how we initiate every special decoration based on our past experience
What Kind Of Birthday Party Decoration Style We Use?
Birthday parties don't have to be boring. We want to understand our clients' preferences and needs whether it is for personal or business use. Even, each type of birthday party should be memorable and has a unique characteristic. This is why we are open to discussion with our clients to help us draw the ideas. Besides, by discussing and planning the event, we can provide wider options and look on how we handle the projects based on our past experiences.

Our decorating value is bringing the high-quality result with an effective process. We want our clients get comfortable with us, so they can explain the ideas better. As a result, we will able to help them implement the party ideas.
How is The Payment Terms?
We offer simple payment terms that allow our clients to make a down payment of at least 50% and complete the remaining after the event has been successful. Just contact our customer service through WhatsApp and we can discuss how you want your event to be held. Once we already get the concept, we will show you the offer.
How To Use Our Service?
We offer flexibility in deciding the concepts as well as how you can partner with us. You can contact us through our email; the.lemonade.projects@gmail.com, or through our WhatsApp at 0882-9565-5231. We are ready to answer all inquiries before you decide to partner with us. Once we reach an agreement about the theme of the event, we can send you the service contract as well as the offer.
Can Lemonade Accommodate Last-Minute Orders?
The best thing you will get from our service is the flexibility. You can order our service near the due date. However, we want to let you know that we need to get prepared to make sure we can deliver the best decoration style for your event. After all, everything can be solved well when we discuss the planning and ideas, even though we also can cover the last-minute call.
How Is Our Commitment To Providing The Services?
We have been operating since 2013, emerging as the leading decoration company that provides a unique beauty, personal and intimate ambiance. We have handled a list of big companies and personal clients. You can check our portfolio on our website and see the list of clients we have handled.

We want to focus on creating an engaging and memorable decoration. Our main purpose is to provide the best service for our clients. We commit to prioritizing client satisfaction by providing the best decoration style that matches their ideas and preferences. We make sure our decorating process will finish on time while keeping a high-quality result. Contact us now for more inquiries about our services. We are ready to assist you. Currently, we are focusing on Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi.
Whatsapp : 0882-9565-5231
Email : the.lemonade.projects@gmail.com
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