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Balloon Decoration

Add a touch of fun with the whimsical balloon decoration from Lemonade. Whether you are celebrating a birthday party, a corporate gathering, or hosting a baby shower, the balloon accessories will add color to your event.

Our Decoration Portfolio

Gillian 30th Birthday Party
Chao Chao, Hotel Alila SCBD, Jakarta
Yuliantie & Hideo Birthday Party
The Forest, Jakarta
Katyana 8th Birthday Party
Klub Kelapa Gading, Jakarta
Ariana 7th Birthday Party
Bhuumi Playscape Pacific Place, Jakarta

Let Us Know Your Decoration Plan

By discussing your decor plan to us we can give you a wider look on how we initiate every special decoration based on our past experience
What Type Of Baloon Decoration Does Lemonade Bring?
We bring a wide variety of decorations from balloons which you can suit with any type of event. Some of the popular balloons for decoration include balloon arches, balloon columns, balloon centerpieces, balloon bouquets, balloon walls, balloon sculptures, and also themed balloon decorations.

We try to make an excellent balloon design to create a focal point for your party. It comes in a wide range of colors as well as styles. They are perfect for doorway frames, lining the aisles, or accenting the stages. The balloon decoration is also great for a photo backdrop which creates an eye-catching look. You can also order balloon sculptures based on your favorite character animals or symbols. This type of balloon will make your design more alive.
How Is The Payment Terms?
It is very easy to complete the payment when you are using our service. We have several steps to follow before you can complete the payment.

Our representatives will send you an invoice after you have finalized the details of your decoration. Our invoice will outline the total cost of the services and tools. This also includes the taxes and other additional fees.

Our company accepts some types of payment options such as using bank transfer, credit card, or online payment. Typically we require our clients to deposit at least 50% before we do the project. This is to secure the booking and provide the required tools and materials for the decoration. The remaining payment can be completed after the event has been successfully hosted.

Note that you need to keep the receipt of your down payment to record the transaction and ease you and our company in processing the payment completion. If you still have any questions regarding the payment, you can contact our representative about the details. They will gladly assist you.
Does Lemonade Accept Last-Minute Decorating Requests?
Yes, we strive to provide the best service for our customers, including accepting last-minute orders. We truly understand that when hosting an event, unexpected things can happen at any time which for you to make an order on short notice. While we always recommend you book our service in advance to allow us to make perfect planning, we still commit to assisting you during difficult times. Handling an event sometimes can be overwhelming most of the time because your focus will be divided into many things, from thinking about guests' invitations, the catering, the run down, and of course the decoration which is more complicated to think about.

However, we need to get prepared and make sure that the tools and other accessories are available, so we need a little time to prepare what you need. However, we want you to not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to provide you with some solutions and help you create a beautiful decoration with zero stress.
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