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Lemonade offers an effective and sweet anniversary decoration. We understand that the anniversary moment should not be disappointing, because it is a sacred moment that is celebrated with love. We will help you decorate the room beautifully and romantically.

Our Decoration Portfolio

Denny Prijanto 50th Birthday Party
Wabi Sabi Kuningan, Jakarta
Yuliantie & Hideo Birthday Party
The Forest, Jakarta
Rasheeda 1st Birthday Party
Amy & Cake Bintaro, South Tangerang
Ariana 7th Birthday Party
Bhuumi Playscape Pacific Place, Jakarta

Let Us Know Your Decoration Plan

By discussing your decor plan to us we can give you a wider look on how we initiate every special decoration based on our past experience
What Kind of Decoration Does Lemonade Offers?
We offer a variety of beautiful anniversary decorations. Generally, the decoration of this special moment consists of several sets of holy and meaningful flowers. You can determine what kind of flower you want. We will recommend romantic flowers, like red roses, peonies, white roses, tulips, and lilies.

In addition to floral decorations, we also offer other decorative elements such as balloons, dolls, tapes, and even banners for your anniversary. Whether it's a romantic anniversary with a candlelight dinner or a big celebration, Lemonade can always give you the right decoration.

All this time, we've always been given the trust to decorate special events. The results are never disappointing. This is because we are fully dedicated to providing the best service to our customers.
Is This Service Trusted?
Lemonade has been here since 2013 which shows that we are credible and quality. Our service is reliable with proven quality. We consist of resources experienced in terms of decoration, whether it's for special and simple events, to formal and large corporate events.

We've also been trusted by the celebrities who host their events, including the famous big companies. We are proud to have been part of the success of an event because we know that an important event must go well. The success of an event is our primary goal in providing this service, so you do not need to be confused thinking about decoration or other things related to the party room.

We know that decoration plays an important role in an anniversary celebration because this is a special moment for you and the couple who have succeeded in passing through the twists of life at the wedding. We will offer decorations with the theme and atmosphere you want so that your anniversary moment can be effective and unforgettable.
Can Lemonade Handle Last-minute Decoration Requests?
Yes, we accommodate last-minute decoration requests. But you need to point out that we also need mature preparation for this last-minute order. We don't want to disappoint customers with the decorations we make, so maximum preparation is still needed.

The purpose of our service is to meet the needs of busy customers or in need of decoration services in a relatively short time. We can dedicate your event with dedication, providing floral ornaments or other sweet elements to perfect your decoration. We don't want anything to disappoint our customers in terms of themes, decorations, decoration choices, and other important aspects.
To deal with last-minute bookings, we're going to have a full two-way discussion with customers, conduct surveys of the location, and start determining the right decoration for your party.

No need to worry about the result, because we're already experienced in dealing with last-minute request decorations. We are sure to provide optimal and best service for the satisfaction of you, your partner, and the guests present.
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